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Changes and Claims for Heavy Civil Projects

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In today's complex, fast-paced construction world, it is inevitable that change orders or claims will have a significant financial impact on most projects. At G.C. Solutions, Inc. (GCS), our team of seasoned professionals have years of practical experience, many of those years working for Kiewit Construction. The result is, we know the "ins and outs" of the Change Order/Claim process. To recognize if a Change Order/Claim warrants entitlement, you must first have a thorough knowledge of the entire construction process that includes: estimating and bidding, understanding of contract documents and notification requirements, RFIs, field construction means and methods, scheduling, startup and commissioning, and final project close-out. GCS understands the entire construction process. We can develop a Change Order or Claim proposal that clearly identifies entitlement and specifically addresses areas of extra cost.

Change Order/Claim Development

  • Initial evaluation and document discovery
  • Strategy and approach
  • Narrative
  • As built and "but for" schedule development
  • Quantification of cost
  • Supporting exhibits
  • Negotiation

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Change Order/Claim Reviews

  • Initial review
  • Entitlement assessment
  • Schedule review
  • Validation of cost
  • Negotiation

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On-Site Project Change/Claim Engineer
  • When changes and claims are frequent and too much to manage, GCS can provide an on-site project engineer who can efficiently manage and document each and every project issue

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